About Pra Pra

Pra Pra, which means abundance and top notch quality, is a faith-based international development organization led by a group of volunteers who give their time, knowledge and resources to help make a difference in peoples lives. 

We make a positive impact in people's lives through 3 avenues:

  1. Healthcare: everyone deserves access to quality healthcare services around the world, as such our doctors provides free medical consultations to patients
  2. Nutrition: individuals need food to nourish their minds and body and Pra Pra believes food is a basic human right and works with similar minded institutions to provide food to those in need
  3. Purpose: humans have infinite potential  and can choose to tap into their inner strength (talent) and wisdom, as such PraPra provides a reflective program to assist with self discovery

Our leadership team is comprised of lawyers, medical doctors, business strategy consultants, and engineers, who bring a wealth of knowledge from working at private, public and internationally recognized organizations such as the US Senate, Microsoft, McKinsey, Deloitte, the World Bank, United Nations, Goldman Sachs, Columbia University Medical Centre, and Google . 

Pra Pra is headquartered in New York City, USA.

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